China to have world's 2nd largest carbon trading scheme by 2014

China will have the world's second largest carbon trading scheme by 2014, or twice as big as Australia's regime, a latest report showed Thursday.

These conclusions are outlined in a report released today, commissioned by The Climate Institute from Climate Bridge, "Indeed, China's pilot emissions trading schemes will cover nearly twice the emissions of Australia's scheme in 2014. Business and politicians that assume inaction from China are taking a huge gamble on a high carbon status quo." said Alex Wyatt, CEO of Climate Bridge, a multi-national project developer with years of experience in emission reduction projects in China.

"These actions are driven by self-interest, not only regarding concern for climate impacts, but for strengthening energy security, developing a low carbon economy with export opportunities and showing international leadership." said John Connor, CEO of the Climate Institute from Climate Bridge.

According to the report, the seven pilots "are expected to develop into a national system which would be the world's largest carbon trading system" by 2015/16.

"Australian business and political leaders should recognize the world is on the move and Australia's high carbon economy and highest per capita carbon pollution levels is no advantage in the emerging low carbon global economy." Connor said.